Activities – Project „Holding alive four fields in the domain of traditions and customs

Activity 1

The partners are responsible in organizing together 4 project promoting events: two project opening press conferences one in Dumbravita and the other in Zitiste; and another two project closing press conferences. With the occasion of these events we will invite the representatives of the local/regional media.

Activity 2

With the occasion of main events of the project the partners will elaborate and send articles for local and regional newspapers. We will make publicity for the main events of the project. The partners take commitment to promote each activity field of the project, by elaborating articles about folk dance events, gastronomy competition, traditions and customs and folk crafts.

Activity 3

On the newly created Tradition Points we will place communicative plaques. These plaques will contain all the visibility elements of the programme. The partners will also elaborate stickers for the goods acquired for equipping the Tradition Points.

Activity 4

For the proper promotion of the project and for offering the necessary information and visibility of the project, the partners will elaborate different promotional materials: flyers (A5) and posters (A3). These materials will be multilingual, coloured materials. The promotional materials will be distributed mainly in the first stage of the project to promote the upcoming activities, and also with the occasion of project events. These materials will be distributed on the entire involved target area, namely the 13 settlement.

Activity 5

The partners will organize inauguration events each time when finishing the creation of the Tradition Points. Lead Beneficiary is responsible for the inauguration event in Dumbravita, Project Partner is responsible for the remaining 12 inauguration events. With the occasion of the inaugurations, the partners will invite representatives of media, the local community and other cultural organisations and institutes.