Dumbravita, Romania

The Municipality of Dumbrovita is located north of the Timisoara, on the exit road to Lipovi. The Dumbrovita is originally separated from the city, in the last few years getting its economic and demographic sweep thanks to the developed construction, and he is practically glued to the Timisoara and has over 12000 inhabitants.

Geographically, Dumbravita extends from Arad road to green forests, which borders the northwest of the village  Kovaci, on the north with Cerneteaz Djiarmata and to the east with the village Djiarmata-Vii. It has direct access to the A1 highway to the International Airport of Timisoara, and allows a fast connection with Arad and Lugoj.

The Municipality of Dumbravita has implemented many projects in the field of infrastructure, education, sport and health, culture and local government development, which has managed to attract European and government funds worth about 15 million euros. All these projects took into account the real, strict and developmental needs specific to the Municipality of Dumbravita, in conditions of continuous increase in the number of inhabitants, to expand the population through the development of new housing units and to promote new economic activities. An increase in the quality of life of the population is an important interest of the local authorities.

We kindly invite you to Dumbravita, to cross our doorstep and spend time with us.


The Municipality of Zitiste, Republic of Serbia

The Municipality of Zitiste is one of the municipalities in the Republic of Serbia. It is located in AP Vojvodina, in Central Banat. In the municipality there are 12 villages: Zitiste, Banatski Dvor, Banatski Visnjicevo, Banatsko Karadjordjevo, Torak, Medja, Novi Itebej, Ravni Topolovac, Srpski Itebej, Torda, Hetin i Cestereg. The center of the Municipality since 1960 is  Zitiste. It is a multinational and multilingual municipality. In it, except for Serbs, live Romanians, Hungarians and Roma. In addition to Serbian, the official languages are Hungarian and Romanian.

According to the official census since 2011, there are 16841 inhabitants in the municipality. The average age is 43,4 year. The average number of the family members is 2,67. There are 10 elementary schools in the municipality.