Holding alive four fields in the domain of traditions and customs


The project ” Holding alive four fields in the domain of traditions and customs”, funded by Interreg – IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Romania-Serbia, is being implemented in partnership between the Municipality of Dumbravita (Romania), as a leading partner,  and the Municipality od Zitiste as a partner.

Having a common history, the border area between West Region of Romania and Serbia have similar characteristics, so the challenges facing the area shell be treated in a coherent and integrated manner. Cultural heritage is that which is preserving the memory and identity of Banat area, defining the specific personality of the investigated area. In our project we are involving 13 localities: Dumbravita, Zitiste, Torak, Srpski Itebej, Torda, Banatsko Višnjićevo, Ravni Topolovac, Hetin, Banatski Dvor, Medja, Čestereg, Banatsko Karađorđevo, Novi Itebej.

On the background of mutual tolerance the sense of national belonging led to the preserving of spiritual values and specific traditions, culture has become an element of social cohesion of the inhabitants of this area. An important feature is the creation of numerous cultural societies and associations of nationalities since the nineteenth century. Banat remained an area of spiritual interference, in which the mutual respect for values created here a model of multiculturalism and a multiethnic model of values that contribute to the performance of the historical Banat.

Our goal is to strengthen the already existing initiatives to further preserve traditions and cultural heritage, and secondly to offer for the whole community possibilities to learn about the joint cultural heritage, to get familiarised with folk traditions and to observe that other communities have similar cultural values. Our project purpose is not only offering one time possibilities, but also contributing to long term results, so we are establishing tradition Points in the involved localities, which will cooperate with each other, and will provide information and also will host different cultural activities.

Our projects main objective is increasing cultural integration in the cross-border area by joint actions focusing on folk traditions and conservation of cultural values.

By means of our project we are offering for the 13 involved communities possibilities to refresh the local customs in 4 tradition fields (folk dance; gastronomy traditions; folk craft traditions; and folk customs), which will increase the cultural integration. In the above mentioned localities we will establish Tradition Points with the purpose of further increase the preservation of local traditions by offering institutionalised way of customs to be represented. Beside the established Tradition Points, our projects has other outputs too, like the proposed 18 events: 7 folk dance festivals; 1 folk dance camp; 2 gastronomy competitions; 3 folk crafts events; 5 tradition and custom.

The newly elaborated webpage and the event calendar accessible on the website, will actively contribute to the transfer of cultural and traditional values in the cross border area. The webpage can be used by anyone interested, the information are available.

The monograph elaborated within this project can be expanded to other localities from the region. The joint monograph of the localities will further promote the locally traditions and the results of this current project.